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March 5 : Second Edition Shipped!

The second edition arrived from the printers during the last week of February, was inscribed and signed by Fr. Cekada on March 3-4, and, together with the bonus Martin Sisters CD, shipped to our backers on March 5. Thank you for your support!


Beginning April 6, 2015

The second edition of Work of Human Hands

will be available to the general public again at


Thanks, Backers, for helping us reach our Stretch Goal!

We hit the mark on January 22, with 11 days still left in the campaign. Now all Backers will receive the Martin Sisters CD.

New Backers who sign up at the $50 or more level before the end of the campaign on Feb.2 will still receive an advance copy of the second edition.

Preserve this classic treasure of Catholic culture!

Keep it alive! Do your part to make it available again!

Help bring it to a wider audience!

The internationally acclaimed best-seller, Work of Human Hands: A Theological Critique of the Mass of Paul VI, is now out of print . . .

. . . just when this masterpiece of research and systematic analysis of the new rite in light of history, liturgical tradition and Catholic theology is needed now more than ever!

With the world rocked by headlines about scandalous developments from the Synod and other aberrations of the Catholic faith, a detailed expose of the plots and scheming of Modernists who attempt to eradicate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass must stay in print!

Our Lord told St. Peter to strengthen the brethren, not to scandalize the little ones. What better way than republishing Work of Human Hands, now!

Fr. Cekada takes you behind the scenes following the Second Vatican Council to show how heretical concepts were incorporated into the New Mass (Novus Ordo Missae), and how these same forces persist today.

Meticulous attention to detail manifests countless hours of research. The numerous footnotes, extensive bibliography and full index make it a great research tool for today’s faithful Catholic as well as new converts and re-verts to the Faith of our fathers. You won’t find the information in this important work anywhere else.  But we need your help now to insure this volume is not silenced!

Whether you are a professed Catholic trying to determine where your religion can be found in today's world, a non-Catholic interested in learning what this "Latin Mass business" is really all about, or just a student of contemporary history and culture, Work of Human Hands will enlighten and amaze you with a wealth of details and facts concerning the history, as well as the critical pre-history, of the 1960's revolution in the Catholic Church.

There are many who would love to keep this book out of print, precisely because Fr. Cekada names names, and provides extensive quotes and reference sources for those who wish to go even deeper into the unhappy history of the liturgical revolutionaries and the creation of the Novus Ordo Mass. And Father doesn't hesitate to point the finger at those men in the highest places who allowed (or even encouraged) the near-total destruction, humanly speaking, of the Catholic Church.

Fr. Cekada, moreover, is the master of the most devastating weapon at any writer’s disposal — humor. His supremely readable style produces a page-turner which makes even the unconvinced read on with relish and irresistible interest. Entertaining as well as irrefutable, this book must not be allowed to go out of print!

Your urgent help is needed NOW and it is essential to getting Work of Human Hands back in print, and in the very “human hands” of those who need it most.

AND... here's Fr. Cekada's latest WHH video

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